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Chris and Arianne Lemire, co-owners of Lighthalzen, LLC, have ownership in over 1,800 multifamily units. Recent acquisitions include an 236 unit B class Apartment Complex in Lubbock TX March 2021, a 48 Unit B Class Apartment Complex in Atlanta GA in February 2021, and a a 267 unit 2 property portfolio in Fort Smith, AR in December 2020.

They are continuing their portfolio expansion with a heavy focus on B and C class assets in the southeast markets and are part of the Think Multifamily investment group. 

Chris and Arianne love being able to partner with other talented active investors as co-General Partners and Key Principals in order to bring amazing returns to Limited Partners. They also invest as Limited Partners in the projects they lead as GP and KPs. 

Chris and Arianne also co-own GH Houses, a residential real estate investment company that buys and sells more than 100 houses a year. In 2020, they launched WealthGym, an education company that focuses on helping people master their finances and achieve true time and financial freedom.


Some of our Multifamily Portfolio

Destin Apartments

22 Unit A Class Apartment Complex in Destin FL

The Lynx

236 B Class Apartment Complex in Lubbock Texas

Dahlridge Apartments

48 Unit B Class Apartment Complex in Atlanta GA

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